About Lowes

Established in Newcastle in 1971 and successfully serving clients for almost 50 years, Lowes Financial Management is a progressive and respected Chartered Financial Planning firm that has been at the forefront of the evolution of the UK’s retail structured investment landscape.

The company now has almost £1 billion under management. Lowes’ award-winning investment team has extensive experience managing portfolios and a track-record of consistently delivering returns above benchmark.

Lowes’ history in the market

Structured investments began appearing in the UK retail investment market over thirty years ago and Lowes has published their review of every investment launched in the intermediary distributed sector for over eighteen years; this now represents a database of over 6500 products.

In the early days, a motivation behind the initial published review service was to draw attention to an alarming number of investments our researchers felt were potentially misleading and providing insufficient reward in return for the risk to which investors’ capital was being exposed.

Lowes’ expertise in structured investments and close engagement with the sector as an advisory firm resulted in recognition and interest amongst fellow professionals and led to Lowes developing services for other professional advisers. Lowes have also been recognised over the years in a number of industry awards as an outstanding contributor to the market.

StructuredProductReview.com was created in 2009 to provide a research, information and education portal for professional advisers and the Lowes Structured Investment Centre was subsequently developed, building on the firm’s knowledge, expertise and positioning to help bring improved outcomes to the market. The simple innovations introduced through the Structured Investment Centre’s products have had a wide-reaching influence, with many providers subsequently adapting their products to follow suit.

The Lowes UK Defined Strategy Fund launched in December 2018 and is a natural evolution, founded on years of experience and expertise.